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Paladin's Odyssey

Bruce Fottler is the author of Paladin’s Odyssey (buy it here on Amazon)a sci-fi pandemic thriller that I have not read; however, that kick-ass cover art is calling my name.  Look at it, it’s begging to be read.  Oh, if my list weren’t so long I could get to it sooner.  In the meantime, Bruce agreed to answer my questions about his book (among other things).  True to form, I also asked him unrelated but important questions.  We talked about equity valuations, how to skate internal controls and defraud multi-national corporations, and the art of toilet paper roll replacement.  Here’s how it went down: (more…)

Descent Into Mayhem

I got an opportunity to talk to author Bruno Goncalves about a wide range of topics (you should expect nothing less) recently.  He just released a new book Descent Into Mayhem back in September with a sequel in the works.  You can find it on Amazon (click here).  I had a lot of fun and learned quite a bit about his family history in South Africa and Portugal.  Actually, I skimmed his words while dreaming about Charlize Theron, but he was none the wiser.  We covered everything from life experiences, to theories on sushi, to an epic historical calculus battle.  You can find his contact info and social networking pages at the bottom of the interview.  (more…)

howey, hugh

It was early afternoon last Friday at the office.  I was waiting for information from about four different people (I needed it to continue on a project) that I was sure would arrive later around 4 p.m. as they all left for the weekend.  Then, I’d have the pleasure of staying late and working into the evening.  In my bored state I thought, why not throw up a Hail Mary and see what Hugh Howey is up to, maybe he’ll answer some questions for my readers.  Much to my surprise, I had a response within about two hours that said he’d be delighted and for me to send my questions on over.  I was completely unproductive the rest of the day–doing multiple river dances and whatnot in utter elation–so if I’m jobless before the Thanksgiving holiday I may have to hit him up for a loan.

If you’re unfamiliar with Howey, he is author of the NY Times and USA Today best-selling WOOL series.  Though that hardly encompasses his body of work as he writes in multiple genres, and very well I might add.  Before becoming a best-selling author, Howey spent a decade as the captain of a yacht, sailing around the world, doing odd jobs, and working in a book store among many other things. (more…)


Amethyst Chronicles: Winter's Kiss

I got a chance to talk to author K.G. Stutts about her new book–the first in a sci-fi romance series–coming out Friday, Amethyst Chronicles: Winter’s Kiss.  You can check it out on Amazon (click here).  Be sure and check out her work, we had a lot of fun covering everything from her book, to why she is catless, how we both love bacon, and her secret dance moves that cure writer’s block (ok, maybe not, but I tried).  You can find her contact info and social networking pages at the bottom of the interview.  Let’s get to it.



Title: Mutation Z: The Ebola Zombies

Author: Marilyn Peake

Length: Novella/52 pages

Genre: Sci-fi, thriller, zombie (kind of?), horror

Author website: click here

Amazon link to purchase: click here

Parental guidelines: More than likely teen appropriate, some threats of violence and graphic descriptions



Title: Diabolus

Author: Travis Hill

Length: Novel/ approx 200 pages

Genre: sci-fi, thriller, technothriller, religious thriller

Author website: click here

Amazon link to purchase: click here

Parental guidelines: Probably teen appropriate, maybe a little violence but nothing over the top graphic, Satan is scary as balls


Instant Speed Reading

Title: Instant Speed Reading (The Instant-Series)

Author: The Instant Series, Jason Heath?

Length: Not sure, read in like 20 minutes, but could be 10 after learning all the tricks, so I could read it twice in 30 minutes

Genre: Self-Help, Reading, Speed Reading, How-to, humor?

Amazon link to purchase: click here

Parental guidelines: it’s pretty offensive to a reader’s intelligence


mzs boston

Title: MZS: Boston

Author: K.D. McAdams

Lenth: Novella/74 pages

Genre: Humor, zombie, apocalypse

Author website: click here

Amazon link to purchase: click here

Parental guidelines: drug use, sex, violence, profanity



Title: Dragonfire

Author: David Rose

Length: Short Story/10 pages

Genre: Sci-fi, Technothriller, Gaming

Author website: click here

Amazon link to purchase: click here

Parental Guidelines: some swearing, sexual innuendos, drug references