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mzs boston

Title: MZS: Boston

Author: K.D. McAdams

Lenth: Novella/74 pages

Genre: Humor, zombie, apocalypse

Author website: click here

Amazon link to purchase: click here

Parental guidelines: drug use, sex, violence, profanity

Description:  Zombies have besieged the city of Boston and in order to survive Pat-O has to put his fate in the hands of his friend Tucker who may be insane, and the information Tucker’s gathered through the less than reliable network of contacts he has as a follower of a local sports blog. Pat-O needs to get across town before the government will allegedly drop nuclear weapons to stem the tide of undead. Protecting himself with armor made from drained wine boxes and duct tape while using a broken souvenir hockey stick as a weapon Pat-O walks, jogs and sweats his way to Tucker in Cleveland Circle. Their buddy ‘Cupcake’ has stolen a Humvee from the National Guard and will pick them up there before getting out of town – ASAP.

RATING: 4.6 out of 5

I need to start out by disclaiming that I purchased this book as with all my other reviews.  The opinions are my own and are to be taken with a grain of humorous salt.

Well, I have to preface this with saying that I’m not a huge reader of zombie fiction.  Not that I don’t enjoy it, I just don’t read it a whole lot so my knowledge is somewhat limited.  That being said, this was just an absolutely fun read.  A story that I will probably read again at some point, when bored and needing a laugh or some fun in my life.  It’s approximately 20k words, a novella.  It took me about an hour and fifteen minutes to read.

First, about the story, a zombie pandemic has occurred.  Hordes of angry zombies storm the city of Boston.  They seem to travel in separate groups which the protagonist divides up into teams in his own mind, and even roots for them from his apartment window, which is comical at times.  The protagonist has just moved to Boston from Telluride, where he seemingly left the good life of no responsibility to live as an adult.  Bored with traditional college, online community college seems to work better for him.  He lives in a shitty studio apartment with a loft bed and runs a liquor store, where according to him, he’s learning the ropes of running a legitimate business, tracking inventory, marketing, looking at financial statements, etc.  A real job, with real business experience in his own mind, yet it seems people dismiss the idea of running a ‘liquor store’ as real world experience.

A pasty and chubby guy at his own account, fortune seems to have come his way as he wakes up from an alcohol-ridden blackout stupor to learn he’s bedded a hot coed.  If he could only remember her name.  Sharp witted back-and-forths are exchanged between the two, and he has seemingly screwed up any chances he has with one of the best asses in Boston, as she storms out of the apartment in his favorite Ray Borque (a hockey player I assume) t-shirt that he wishes to retrieve.  He soon realizes zombies have taken over the city and retreats to the safety of his apartment to observe the madness from his window.  With colorful and humorous commentary at first, he soon learns the threat is real and begins pounding a box of wine to forget his troubles and maintain his sanity, and also to keep his hangover from getting the best of him.

With limited cell reception he’s able to text his likeable, but crazy friend Tucker–the friend we all have who speaks his own language and mixes humor in the most morbid of situations–and realizes Tucker’s friend Cupcake has commandeered a humvee and is picking up friends to head out of town before nuclear strikes are ordered to contain the pandemic.  He arms himself with an autographed hockey stick–a gift from the girl he now realizes may be his perfect match–and empty wine boxes duct taped to him as armor, and sets off on a cross-town adventure to the rendezvous point to catch a ride out of town with Cupcake and Tucker.  Hilarity and gore ensue as he traipses through Boston, fighting for his life.

Ok, things I didn’t like about the story, which are few.  K.D.!  I thought we were boys.  I truly mean that.  How on earth are you going to create the image of an ass that would rival Kate Upton, lookin’ all hot in Pat-O’s favorite t-shirt, searing that image into my brain, and then serve her up with a fate that would have Ted Williams rolling over in his freezer?  I had dreams about Zoe’s ass all night long.  That was just wrong.  But I forgive you.

Second, everyone knows when you wake up blacked out, bloody marys and mimosas are the hangover cure.  Not boxed wine (but seriously, I may try it).

If you’re a stickler for grammar and typos, there are a few that may distract you from the story.  They aren’t glaring and didn’t bother me at all, but there are a few present.  Few enough that even a beta reader may not catch them.  It’s not like the author just ran a spell-check and hit publish, they are small things that could easily slip by anyone.

Like I said before, I am not a huge zombie fan, but if you are, there may be some fine details in the world of zombiehood that I wouldn’t catch on to, that may leave you with questions.  How they are killed?  (is a stab to the brain the traditional way?) How they are infected?  Not a big deal to me, the story is fictional and humorous, but it may peeve some of the sticklers who are anal about their zombie fiction.  I also thought it may have been a little overkill on the cheesiness of the protagonist caring about killing the zombies and making jokes about it a minute later.  But I’ve never been in that situation so who am I to judge what goes through someone’s brain during something like that.

The writing was also very tight in the beginning and seemed to get lax towards the end.  I don’t know if the author got in a hurry, or was looking to the next story in the series.  I could be wrong.  There seemed to be a few typos towards the end like maybe the first chapters were edited with more scrutiny.  Nothing major, but if I’m picking at little things, a reader may notice.  There also wasn’t much resolution, which is to be expected with a lead in to a series.  I believe the resolution may come in later volumes.  None of it was enough to turn me off on the book, and if I get time, I’ll definitely be checking out the others.

Now, the good stuff.  This was an extremely fun read.  It’s one of those you sit down with and read in an afternoon and laugh your ass off.  The comedy is well written and mixed in well.  Tucker, probably my favorite character, is hilarious and crazy.  The friend we all have who is nuts, rhymes his text messages, says off the wall funny shit.  The guy you just shake your head and say, “Yeah, he’s crazy, but he’s my crazy asshole.”  He follows a sports blog of seemingly loony ex-military sports fanatics whose only price for the ride out of town is a rack (presumably a 30 pack) of beer.  The settings are described well.  I’ve only been to Boston once, but I am a huge baseball fan and walked the streets around Cambridge and Fenway and I felt like I was back there, only under different circumstances (vacation, not a zombie attack, duh!).  While not a Red Sox fan, I have to say one of my favorite parts is when he kills a Yankee fan and gives him the treatment he deserves.  I don’t want to spoil anything, but I definitely LOL’d.

There is a lot of gore, but it’s done in a funny and fun way.  Yeah, that sounds morbid but it’s true.  It was like Zombieland meets Tucker and Dale.  If you are unable to suspend disbelief it’s probably not for you.  Nor is any zombie book most likely.  If you can’t sit back with an ice cold and imagine zombies taking over a city without realizing it’s not likely to happen, well, you probably need a bib to catch the drool off of your chin as you limp wrist your way up the short bus.  I mean c’mon, it’s just fun.  Now, although highly unlikely, I enjoyed the exchange with Zoe.  Being on the fortunate end of bedding a college hottie while sporting a chubby, pasty white frame has made me a hero in my own mind in the past, although it’s not likely to happen.  Feminists will probably attack Mr. McAdams for that, seeing as how they love to bitch about beautiful women settling for portly assholes, as if chubby guys can’t get some love too, or a sense of humor and personality don’t matter.  <sarcastic voice> “It’s just an unlikely portrayal, he probably votes republican.”  I happen to know that lightning can strike, and the gods can shine down a ray of hope on a Victoria’s Secret ass on the worst of us once in a fortnight.

Overall, this was well-written and very entertaining.  A tip of the cap to K.D. and I can only hope the rest of the series can match the humor and wit in this novella.  If you enjoy fun reads and can suspend disbelief, this one is for you.  It was $.99 on Amazon for a digital download when I bought it.  I’m not sure that it wasn’t a sale price as some of the others in the series appear to be $2.99.  At $.99 it’s well worth the cost.  $2.99 may be a stretch for the same read from an indie author with a small following.  I’d probably still pay it, if I weren’t loaded with a TBR backlist.  The next two in the series appear to be completely separate stories and then I believe they all come together, probably to resolve the story.  I certainly hope so.  The story can still stand alone though.  Sports fans (especially hockey) will definitely appreciate the references and more than likely fellow Bostonians who are familiar with the area will appreciate the scenery.  I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.  I’d love to review future works in the genres I enjoy.  Overall a 4.6 out of 5.

Links to others in the series:

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MZS: D.C. preorder available Nov 14th (click here)


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