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Posted: November 14, 2014 in 1 to 2, Bad Reviews, Reviews, Self-help
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Instant Speed Reading

Title: Instant Speed Reading (The Instant-Series)

Author: The Instant Series, Jason Heath?

Length: Not sure, read in like 20 minutes, but could be 10 after learning all the tricks, so I could read it twice in 30 minutes

Genre: Self-Help, Reading, Speed Reading, How-to, humor?

Amazon link to purchase: click here

Parental guidelines: it’s pretty offensive to a reader’s intelligence

Description (from Amazon):

How to Read Faster Instantly!

How fast can you read? Not very fast, right? Or at least not as fast as you would like…otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this?
Now how about if you can increase your reading speed by 5, or even 10, times faster than you read now…guarantee?
What does that mean? Imagine…

  • 5x the things you can read through faster, and have 5x more time for other things.


  • 5x the studying you can get through, and have 5x better grades.


  • 5x the work you can get done, and have 5x more respect at work.


  • 5x the types of reading you love you can escape to, and have 5x more enjoyment.


  • 5x the information you can acquire, and have 5x more knowledge and skills to impress people with your intelligence.

The traditional way you were taught to read in school and by others are ineffective and slow you down, making the process and experience boring and unbearable. No wonder why we don’t have more people who like to read, preferring the tube over the pages or watching the screen over reading the screen.
With the digital age ever-exploding, there are more and more stuffs to read coming out every second, from the internet to our computer, tablets and mobile devices, and even on paper.
Reading fast is a must if you want to be able to keep up!
Within “Instant Speed Reading”:

  • How to train your eyes with advanced reading techniques to take your reading speed to a whole new level.


  • How to speed read using peripheral reading, physical rhythmic reading, and bouncing eyeballs movement.


  • How to absorb huge amount of information at once when you need it last minute, like for presentations, speeches or rehearsals.


  • How to read with laser-focus in chaotic noisy environments with tons of distractions, like on fast-paced jobs or crowded places.


  • How to use the PRAM approach to better enjoy all your reading types to not only make you a faster reader, but a far more effective reader.


  • Plus, custom practical “how-to” strategies, techniques, applications and exercises to improve reading speed and skills.

and much more.
The question now is, do you want to read faster and better, or not? The choice is yours.
Accelerate your reading speed with “Instant Speed Reading.”

RATING: 1.5 out of 5

Well, if you read the description and have read my ‘review policies’ page, you probably already know what is coming.  Those are some big promises to make in that description.  First of all, I must say that I purchased this book (yes, no shit) and the opinions are my own.  I received what appeared to be a spamming form of request via email to review a book in this series.  It was obvious one sentence into the book, that the author took no time to read my ‘review policies’ page, or their own work for that matter.  That’s not good.  Usually, I just ignore these requests, but I couldn’t shake myself from this one.

I found myself thinking:

Why are they asking me to review a self-help book?  Is there something wrong with me?  Do they know something I don’t?  Is there a group of my friends waiting somewhere with an ‘intervention’ banner hanging above them?  What help could I possibly need that would be worth ignoring the obvious warnings in my ‘review policies’ page?  My curiosity got the best of me.  The generic request was to review any of the several books in the Instant-Series.  My immediate thought was ‘Oh goodie, I get to pick which book to hate!’  This one caught my eye, specifically because the author obviously can’t read, or they’d have read my ‘review policies’ page.  Yet, they’ve written a book on how to read.  Quite a paradox.  But it was the cover art that really reeled me in.

First, the things I hated.  Everything.

So I know I don’t normally bust on cover art, but this book doesn’t even make an attempt.  Some of the others in the series had some cover art that appeared designed, but not this sad fella.  I’ve taken more creative drunken pisses on the side of a building downtown after a Jack White concert.  True story, they were glorious and full of elegant prose.

Next, don’t get me all excited about speed reading and then not teach me to do the horizontal finger on the page trick.  You know what I’m talking about.  Good Will Hunting reading the shrink’s book the night before?  All the genius speed readers always run a finger across the page as they flip through like they’re looking something up in the yellow pages.  This book doesn’t even mention that technique.  IT HAS YOU MOVE YOUR FINGER STRAIGHT DOWN THE PAGE!! What a bunch of horse dick!  Ok, must remain objective.  I apologize for the outburst.

Now, they always say when you’re a writer, “Show me, don’t tell me.”  I don’t know that I can adequately tell you about this book without showing you some of my favorite passages.  Let the fun begin:

“It might perhaps make more sense when it comes to your professional life, since it is a frequent thing to see someone read an 800 word report in 2 minutes and explain it with confidence in 10 minutes to an audience of influential people.”

What in the hell?  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen that, but thanks for the bold and italics, it really helped sell me on your expertise.  I now believe you.  Although, I don’t normally hang out with influential people.  So that could be my problem.  He/she goes on:

“But think about it…could reading faster, have more benefits than reading at your own speed, whenever you get the chance to do it?”

Ummmm…sure.  Yeah probably.  (at this point the book switches from non-fiction self-help to fictional comedy in my mind):

“Read Smarter NOT Longer”

Fantastic advice, couldn’t agree more (I make a gesture of blowing my brains on the wall):

The first exercise has you use a stopwatch to time yourself reading something in 10 seconds and then 5 seconds.  Then reading the same thing with keywords or phrases underlined in the same manner.  I mean, don’t you have to read it first to underline it?  I’m failing to see how the speed comes into play when you read it twice.  But I roll with it:

At this point, we move to the next chapter which is not formatted correctly, but it’s probably because page breaks take longer to read.  Shrewd move author, props on that one.  I definitely read it faster when it was continuous.  Less Kindle taps = more knowledge.  I’m getting the hang of this shit.  (I cheers myself with my third beer since starting 10 minutes ago)

The next chapter goes on about reading environment.  Cliff note version, sit somewhere not noisy instead of somewhere noisy.  Oh, and it should be comfortable.  Let me show you what they mean:

“Make sure you are comfortably installed on a comfortable chair, you can add some cushions if you like, enhance your mood if you’re reading for pleasure; lit [sic] up a scented candle or incense, don’t hesitate to air out the room too.”

Seriously, no bullshit.  I couldn’t make that up if I tried.  I’m crying in laughter at this point.  But I must soldier on, laughter is a waste of time in the world of speed reading.  (I re-install myself comfortably on my comfortable chair, light up a candle, air the room out, and ready myself for more sage advice):

“For students, lighting is important as much as silence.  Have some water or tea to freshen yourself from time to time, or a hard candy if you prefer, as a little bit of sugar is a good brain stimulator.”

At this point I’m seriously starting to question the expertise of the author.  I mean, can we get some sources to the liquid freshener and hard candy studies?  Not trying to be a stickler, I’d just like a link to some form of peer-reviewed study in JAMA, or perhaps a Facebook post saying it’s true.  I’m not picky:

Practice Reading

Done.  Nailed it!  Next:

“You must practice a lot, which might sound strange to you, because how do you practice on reading, if you already know how to read?”

Mind officially blown.  (crack open beer #6, it spills a little on the screen and I’m not even mad about it)

I don’t want to give away the rest of the book or spoil anything else.  I definitely need to work on my raucous outbursts and LOL’ing, as it’s holding me back from my true potential.  This author was just such a gifted comedian, I couldn’t help myself.

All in all, this was a true let down.  I thought for sure I’d learn the horizontal finger on the page trick.  Not the ‘chunking words’ ‘bouncing eyeballs movement’ or the advanced ‘chunk, finger, and bounce’.  I thought I’d at least learn how to write on mirrors with markers to solve equations faster.  I guess I really set the bar too high.  I was very impressed by the PRAM (practical reasoning assimilation methodology) approach.  Seeing that it is such a scarce secret that Google couldn’t produce any results on it.  I mean, I found ‘pseudo random arterial modulation’ and ‘parallel random access machine’.  But not this author’s PRAM, his PRAM is cutting edge, that you can only learn for $.99.  It is so secret it’s not a secret, because how could it be secret, if it’s a secret?

I gave 1.5 points because I wasn’t really sure if the author followed my review guidelines or not and I felt generous after beer #8.  I mean, this book is actually in the best-seller top 100 for readers and reading skills (god save our planet).  It’s not officially listed in the ‘humor’ section, but I do specify that ‘humor’ is a genre I read.  I’m just torn.  Is it a fucking humor book or not?  If it is, I totally recommend it for the $.99 price, because I laughed my tits off going through it.  It was also very short, which I found myself enjoying, seeing as how it ended quickly.  So yeah, I’ll let you decide.  Overall a 1.5 out of 5.






  1. CE Martin says:

    Sorry, kelly at reading the paranormal, but this is now my favorite book review site. And not just because it’s significantly less girl.

    Great review. I’m eager to read more and usually book reviews bore me to tears.

    Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Caron says:

    By far the best bad review I’ve read in some time! I always enjoy a little humor. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  3. KRRowe says:

    Love this review! It made me laugh quite a few times. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Renee says:

    This is by far one of the funniest reviews I have ever read. Makes me wants to read the book though because I feel like may be missing out on something. Great review.


  5. Lace Winter says:

    Ok, I read your review policy, and then… hey, guess what, you do exactly what you say! Anyway, whether the book is secretly supposed to be humorous or not, the review definitely is. Ok, lighting my scented candles now, and gathering some pillows… 😉


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