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Amethyst Chronicles: Winter's Kiss

I got a chance to talk to author K.G. Stutts about her new book–the first in a sci-fi romance series–coming out Friday, Amethyst Chronicles: Winter’s Kiss.  You can check it out on Amazon (click here).  Be sure and check out her work, we had a lot of fun covering everything from her book, to why she is catless, how we both love bacon, and her secret dance moves that cure writer’s block (ok, maybe not, but I tried).  You can find her contact info and social networking pages at the bottom of the interview.  Let’s get to it.

Will: Tell me about this first book in your series.  What’s it about?  Where’d you get the idea for it?  Was it an ‘aha’ moment, or had it been brewing in your mind for a while?

Kristina: I am a fan of Pat Benatar and was listening to her while writing the second book in my other sci-fi romance series, Mirror Shattered, when Invincible came on. The song is incredible and really got me dancing in my chair. I kept playing it over and over and a scene started forming in my head. That’s the first chapter in Amethyst. As the concept grew, a whole new world was in front of me.

Will: Ol’ Pat Benny, good stuff!  I know who to go to with the writer’s block now.  So what kind of dance moves we talking?  Robot, sprinkler, standard air guitar and microphone?  Is there a standard protagonist in your story?  Are things convoluted?  Female or male hero?

Kristina: Ha! I’m a fat white girl so my dance moves consists of a lot of head bobbing and toe tapping. The air guitar is reserved for when I KNOW I’m the only one in the house. Seriously, though, she has a lot of good music. Yeah, there is a standard protagonist. I’ve described Ember Wilson as a ‘badass chick with a huge chip on her shoulder’ She’s a lot of fun to write. 🙂 It’s not convoluted in this story. Things will get complicated in the third book when Ember time travels.

Will: Who do you think is the ideal reader for your book?  Why will they relate to it?

Kristina: This one is going to be geared more toward adults. There is a lot of action in this book. If I had the ability to draw, it would be a graphic novel.

Will: Do you have lots of cats?  What is it with writers and cats?  They seem to always have them?  Why do you think that is?

Kristina: I have often joked with my husband that I wasn’t a real writer because we don’t have cats. I wish I knew! So many writers I know have a cat or many cats. I love cats but I don’t have one.

Will: I have a cat, so I guess we know who’s the real writer here.  Just kidding.  But joking aside, is there at least a cat in the story?  You can tell us if your husband wouldn’t let you write one in.

Kristina: Well, technically my cat lives in Charleston with my brother. My husband is in the market for a ‘fat, fluffy kitty which will lay around with him all day’ so if you know of one, point me in the direction. Actually, I’ve never had any animals in any of my books. But my protagonist in the Mirror series is named Maddie, which is my cat’s name. Does that count? (probably not)

Will: Of course not, but nice try <laughing>.  Just kidding, I’ll allow it.  Do you write full time?  Have a day job?

Kristina: I wish writing was my full time job. I actually work in a business call center for a cell phone company.

Will: A writer in a business call center!  That’s brilliant, because I’ve worked in a call center before, so I know how it goes.  It can be brief, but I know you have at least one funny story, let’s hear it.  You know, one of those stories where you hold your hand over the mic and mouth ‘oh my god’ to the person next to you.

Kristina: Oh, yes, I’ve got stories for days. I actually post on my personal Facebook page for my friends to get a good laugh. I work for a cell phone company so I get a lot of ‘I used all the data on my phone. Can you give me more without charging me?’ or last week, I told a guy that his billed charges are correct, and his response was I somehow told him to go rob a bank.

Will: I hope you got a cut of the profits.  There’s a lot of risk in being an accessory to armed robbery.  What are you passionate about, besides writing?  Politics?  Religion?  Baseball?  The opera?  Bacon?  Tell me what things you love to do, other than writing.

Kristina: Bacon tops the list for sure. I’m a huge hockey, wrestling, and football fan. I play video games and am a whiz at Disney trivia.

Will: Bacon, you’ve probably won this audience over already.  Briefly, who are your favorite teams and what’s your favorite video game?  My son is only 2, so my Disney trivia is limited, or I’d try to stump you.  What’s your favorite Disney flick?

Kristina: There is no stumping me in Disney trivia. I am the queen. My favorite is Beauty and the Beast. Teams: Washington Capitals (hockey) and Green Bay Packers (football) Favorite video game: Final Fantasy X

Will: Who is your favorite Beatle?  Please know if you say Ringo, I will terminate this interview.  Just kidding.  But really, I will.  Ok, maybe not.  But seriously, what kind of music do you like?

Kristina: It occurs to me that soon this question will be obsolete due to a generation not knowing who the Beatles are. It really saddens me. Paul is my favorite. I love rock, alternative rock, and pop. Just depends on my mood.

Will: You’re two for two.  Paul’s my fav too.  I’ve seen him twice, he rules live.  I’m actually more of a Zep guy, but more people know John Lennon than Robert Plant.  Pretty sad.  Who are your other favorite musicians?  Have they inspired any stories?  Us writers need to know your tricks!  Sharing is caring.

Kristina: We’ve already discussed my love for the amazing Pat Benatar. I’m a huge fan of Lifehouse, Bon Jovi, Counting Crows, Foo Fighters, and Goo Goo Dolls. No one has inspired stories, but a few have inspired scenes.

Will: When did you discover you wanted to be a writer?  Was there someone along the way who inspired you?

Kristina: I used to write in high school. Poems, short stories, songs. Whatever I could think of to express myself. I even wrote a poem about my high school that my creative writing teacher had posted in the halls and in the newspaper. I would show things to my mom and we would have long, in-depth conversations. My mom died when I was 18 and I stopped writing for ten years. My best friend encouraged me to start again.

Will: That’s pretty wild, and I’m sorry for your loss.  This friend sounds like quite an inspiration.  Are there others who have inspired you besides your teacher, mom, or friend?

Kristina: Thank you. Tamma is incredible. My dad also is a big inspiration for me. Growing up, he showed me Star Wars and Star Trek. Dad or my brother would read a sci-fi book and lend to me if they thought I would like it. When I started writing, I wanted to create a book or series that they would want to read and share too. My husband is incredibly encouraging.

Will: Do you have any rituals when you write?  Play music?  Specific chair?

Kristina: I like to write a lot by hand. Don’t really have any rituals. Just write when I can.

Will: Writing by hand!?  Do you go to the gym just to do forearms?  Now I just feel lazy punching keys.  Kristina, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.  I wish you the best!

Kristina: I went to college for massage therapy so I have strong hands. Maybe that’s why I don’t get hand cramps. Thank you so much for having me!

Will: Thanks again Kristina, I look forward to your release and hope success finds you.

There you have it, a lady who likes Star Wars, McCartney, and Bacon.  I certainly can’t ask for more in an author, I’m sold.  Let’s take to Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere to spread the word about this new release from an incredibly witty and fun indie author!

Bio: K.G. Stutts is the author of Mirror Image, the first in a sci-fi romance series as well as several romance stories. She has a degree in massage therapy. As a contributor to Independent Writers Association (IWA) her insights can be seen regularly there and on her own blog at and her website at

When she’s not weaving words, she enjoys reading, playing RPGs, hockey, wrestling, and football, and is a big sci-fi nerd. Currently she resides in North Carolina, USA with her husband, Brad.

If you’d like to contact Kristina or connect with her on social media you can find her here:

Website: click here

Twitter: click here

Facebook: click here

Goodreads: click here




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    Thank you for hosting me! It was a lot of fun.


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