Much has transpired in the past week or two.  First, my sci-fi, dystopian novella Upload: Origin of Bannon is free on Amazon 1/18 – 1/20 so go out and download a free copy (click here).  Reviews are always nice but are not necessary.


I’m also going to be giving away five signed paperback copies of my new novel Vigilante Asshole: A Superhero Novel.  I’ll be sending the copies out one week before the release date so you’ll have a chance to get it before it hits Amazon.  Don’t miss out.  To enter, simply share on Facebook or retweet on Twitter and then go to the side bar on the website and enter your email address.  I’ll be selecting five winners at random and I’ll notify them via email for contact information.

I won’t spam your inbox, only send you updates with special offers and news of my releases or author interviews.  This should be sometime in February or March and I’ll set a hard release date as I near completion of the novel.  That’s all for now.  Keep checking in as I plan on posting a few author interviews and announce more upcoming news in the weeks before the release.  Thanks to everyone for their support.

  1. Laurel Dreyfuss says:

    Thank you, Will. Look forward to reading your books as my work schedule allows. Copyright Attorney, Michael Santucci (excellent) was overwhelmed with my photos which will be registered as soon as possible.


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