My name is Will Marck.  Yes, it’s a pen name, I wish to stay anonymous.  I don’t wish to catch a slap from my mother for any colorful language I may use.   The reason I have started this blog is twofold.  First, I wish to promote my own writing, since I happen to think it’s pretty good.  I’ll never bombard the review pages with shameless plugs, any work I’ve created will have it’s own separate page.  You may visit it if you like (click here).  The only exception is when I first publish something, I will make one quick post about it.  Some of my readers are interested in what I write.  I will not send it over and over again.  Second, I love to read and I want to help people connect with books that I actually enjoyed reading.

Here is the catch…

I’m only going to review self-published works (well mostly).  I may review some other books that I just love, but I won’t accept submissions from traditionally published works.  “Oh, but why!?” you scream at me and snort in derision.  I am a self-published author myself.  No, I’ve never been rejected, I’ve actually never even tried to be traditionally published.  Writing started out as a hobby and one day I decided to see if anyone would buy what I write.  I’m far too lazy to write queries and spend money on postage (not that self-pubbing has been cheaper, but I’ve gone too far).  So why only review indie books?  Well, there are a lot of good indie writers out there, swimming in a sea of bad ones (probably myself, apologies).  I want to do my part to help them get discovered.  There is nothing better than finding a hidden gem on Amazon with little to no reviews that just blows your mind, leaves you crying in tears, or just simply has you sitting there with your mouth open thinking ‘oh what the fuck’.  When this happens I want to scream from the rooftops ‘YOU HAVE TO READ THIS!’  Traditionally published books have enough ways to get the word out, here it’s advantage indie.

My review style…

I’d first like to say that I buy every book I review (or it’s already free on Amazon).  I only review books that are on Kindle, because that’s how I read all of them.  My goal is to make the site as clean and easy to navigate as possible.  If you have suggestions, please email me, I am not a web designer.  But, I’m tired of wading through sites riddled with ads and things in weird places that are hard to find.

If you’re looking for comments on grammar, punctuation, spelling, pacing, blah blah boring crap that supposedly makes a book great, you probably won’t find it here.  Unless it’s so atrocious it distracts from the story.  I’m going to review books in a way that a normal, every day person would like to have a review.  I’m not going to hammer an indie writer for bad editing, well, because most of us can’t afford an editor.  I will tell you things I liked and didn’t like sprinkled with humor and immature jokes, possibly movie and book references strewn throughout.  If I review your book and don’t like it, you’ll probably hate me.  I will probably make fun of it.  I’m sorry, it’s in my nature, it’s just who I am.  When I screen a book for review I don’t look at the cover (in case the author couldn’t afford a good cover), I look at the ‘look inside’ feature on Amazon.  Unless the cover is just hilarious, then it might get a mention.  If it doesn’t grab me in that first bit, I don’t review it.  If it does, it’s probably going to be good, so most reviews will be good ones.  Which is the point, to help you discover good books.  I want it to be an honor to make it through the screening process and receive a good review.  If it grabs me at the beginning and falls flat, well, I will rate it accordingly.  Once I buy the book, I will review it.

There is an exception.  If I find a book that is just absolutely terrible when I first screen it, I will review it.  I will throw you a sale because most likely you are working a shit job or starving in a gutter (I guess you’re like most authors), but it will be lambasted (in a comical way of course).  I do apologize, but I must warn people when I find something terrible.  It has to be really really bad for this to happen, so please don’t be afraid to request a review.  Other ways to catch an asshole review?  Not reading the review policy and submitting a genre I don’t care to read (I will make an example of you for wasting my time), submitting a traditionally published work, or being a dickhead in general.  I’m known as the master of insults, so please do not end up on the wall for being a douche.  It will not be pretty.  There is no love in this game.  That being said, I hope you find books that you love when you visit my page.  If you try out and love my books, all the merrier.  Cheers!

For more on my review policy, surprise, check out my review policy page at the top (or click here).

I hope I can help you find books you enjoy, or you just simply enjoy my reviews.  Maybe you’ll like them enough to pick up a copy of my newest novella, or other books that are finished along the way.  I look forward to interacting with you.


  1. Hi there…

    Fully endorse most of what you say in your introduction here. A great start to your blog, and I’ll be taking a look at the rest of it too… (as well as reblogging this to my Indieauthorreviewexchange blog).

    Regards, Paul…

    Liked by 1 person

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