Author Interviews

Update:  This page is for author interviews.  For a review of your work, see my review policy page (click here)

If you are an author looking for promotion or have a book launch coming up and would like me to interview you, please submit the following information to my email (willmarck1 at gmail dot com):

1) let me know you’re interested in an interview

2) your name and the title of the book you want to talk about

3) attach a jpeg of your book cover or a head shot

4) give me the link to Amazon for your book

5) give me links to all of your social media and website

6) include any special requests in this email i.e. if you want it released on a certain date

Interviews are not limited to indies.  If you’re a traditionally published author I’d be happy to interview you.  I will however, give first preference to indies.

Once I’ve looked everything over, I’ll email you back my questions.  Please be patient with me, I tend to send questions out in batches when I get time.  The quicker you get answers back to me, the quicker I’ll post the interview.  It may be wise to read a few of my other interviews for the types of questions I will ask.  We’ll cover your writing and book, but I like to ask fun things too.  It makes it seem less like an advertisement and lets my readers know more about your personality.  Good luck to everyone!

  1. Hi i am the author of the most spiritual important book ever, that deleivers an impact. The title of this book is called Help Me To Live Right Written By Kenneth Mitchell. I’m on a mission from God. I want everyone to to get their chance to read this God sent book with an open heart and mind, God got sonething to say. this book will take you on a journey that will never leave you the same. It took me six years and three months to complete. That’s nine, 6+3=9. This book was birth to me to show the worlds people that God is real, I have forsaken all for this Business. I have a Facebook, Google, MySpace, Amazon, and many more networking accounts. Waiting on your feedback.


  2. Jehovah says:

    This is the author of Help Me To Live Right Written By Kenneth Mitchell. Thank you! !!


  3. Michael Lewis says:

    First professionally published children’s book came out this past Holiday season. “The Great Pirate Christmas Battle” has also received some stellar industry reviews as well as great reviews from B & N managers/buyers, indie bookstore owners, teachers, librarians, parents, etc. Not sure here how to attach a jpeg of the book cover…


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