My Books

I currently, as of November 2014, have one novella published and two novels/novellas in the works.  You can find information on them below:



Upload: Origin of Bannon (Book #1 in the Enlightenment Series)

UPLOAD: Origin of Bannon


Sci-fi, dystopian, futuristic, thriller, technothriller



History depends on who’s telling the story…

Two thousand years after the Reboot, much is to be celebrated. The Intelligentsia toiled in the shadows back to antiquity, shaping politics and governments in secrecy. After the Reboot–a peace treaty signed with the religious rebels known as the Reformists–science now dominates the culture. Manufacturing and hard labor is outsourced to factories, where genetically engineered superhumans work in the hopes of pleasing their God and achieving Enlightenment. They are grown in incubation labs until they receive an upload of information necessary to fulfill their purpose. That is, until the arrival of Bannon Force, a prophesied new infant who defies logic and science. Civil unrest is imminent, perhaps this perfect utopia is not all that it seems…

It can be purchased here:




Zero Day (tentative title)

sci-fi, dystopian, futuristic, thriller

Novella/novel (depending on how long it takes to tell the story) #2 in the Enlightenment Series


Picking up where Upload left off.  Rebekah, Thomas, and children make it to the Reformists’ territory.  Meanwhile, Titan and Bannon navigate politics and civil unrest to formulate a plan for war.


The Shepherd

horror, psychological thriller


Project MKUltra was a secret CIA mind-control project that ran from the 50’s to the 70’s.  The entire scope is still unknown due to documents ordered destroyed by the head of the CIA in the early 70’s.  Heinz Kantor–a criminal convicted and allegedly executed at the Nuremberg Trials, for mind-control, brainwashing, and genetics experiments at Nazi concentration camps during WW2–is very much alive and working as part of the CIA program in  a small town in middle-America.  He abducts children–at the orders of the CIA–and conducts bone-chilling experiments on them through administration of LSD and responses to situations of fear.  Eventually, the program is shut down, but not before altering the lives of 8 different families…


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