Review Policy

Update:  My list of books to review has grown quite a bit.  I will still take submissions but I’m going to be very picky about what I review.  If you still want to submit, follow the guidelines below, but know that it could possibly take months, if I choose it at all.  If you want to do an author interview to help get your book some exposure (click here).  I have no restrictions on who I will interview, as long as you’re an author.  Thanks!

Authors, thank you for your submissions.  This policy will be a growing organism as I gain more experience in this endeavor.  Here are the rules:

First, I would like you to go to the Social Network page and like the Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, and sign up for email subscriptions (click here). If you could share the pages or RT to your followers, it would be fantastic.  This isn’t mandatory, but it will help your chances of being reviewed a great deal.  I do ask that you at least do one of the three.  If I do review your work, I would hope you would share the review on your own social media accounts.  This helps all of us gain followers and help indie authors get discovered.

1: Your book must be available on Amazon in the Kindle format

2: Your book must be self-published

3: Your book’s primary genre must be: horror, sci-fi (futuristic and dystopian only), humor, or thriller (techno only).  If you submit something other than this genre, I will either ignore it or I will write a not-so-nice review

4: I must pay for it or it must be on a free promotion day (no gifts and no money)

5: Be respectful and courteous.  If you are rude, I will bash your book to hell, I don’t care how good it is.  We are all in this community together.  I will try my best to grant all requests and be timely.  However, I do have a life, and a family, and regardless of what your family and friends tell you, your book may not be the greatest thing ever.  Or, it may just not suit my taste.  I don’t sit around waiting for you to send me a link to your book and then put everything else to the side.  I’m sorry, if you would like to provide that level of service, start your own review blog.

6: It must be 2.99 or cheaper, I am not rich.

7: It needs to have less than 100 reviews on Amazon when you request a review (not trying to help out the best-sellers and popular authors, they’ve already been discovered).

8: It needs to be around 250 pages (unless I’ve reviewed your work before, and loved it) OR LESS.  450 pages is NOT around 250 pages.  254 pages is around 250 pages.

9: I will review short stories, novellas, novellettes, etc.  Some people don’t have time to write an epic book.  Perhaps if they could write for a living they would.  If I can help someone get discovered and be able to quit their job, it would make me very happy.  I want everyone on the indie scene to succeed, if they’re good.

My process:

I know there are brilliant writers out there with great stories who have been rejected, they can’t afford good cover work, are bad marketers, etc.  Many things can plague an indie, time being one of the biggest influences.  I don’t care if your book has zero reviews.  I don’t care if it’s 5,000 words (as long as it packs a punch to the nuts).  It just needs to meet the criteria above and it has a chance.  I will look at the preview on Amazon.  It MUST grab my attention and I MUST find it interesting.  If that’s the case, I will purchase it and read it.  The review will be fun and humorous.  It will be meant to entertain and hopefully get someone else interested in your work.  If you want a serious in depth technical review, this probably isn’t the place for you.  But if you have under 100 reviews, you’ll probably take whatever you can get.  You have a million options out there, I don’t feel like I’m doing you a disservice.


All reviews will be posted to the blog, my Goodreads account, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook.

I’m sorry if I sound harsh at all, but as writers, we are one pushy fucking bunch, myself included.  I don’t have time to hand hold, write reviews, and write my own work, along with raising a family and living my life.  Surely, you understand.  I will however, do my best to get other indie authors exposure.  I wish you the best of luck and look forward to any feedback.

Submission Guidelines:

Email me at

Include the following:

Title, Author Name, Description (or I pull from Amazon), attach a jpeg image of cover (not larger than 1 MB), if it’s on special or discounted, give me the dates (If the dates have passed when I review your work I’ll ignore them), also give me links to all of your social media and your website and I’ll publish those as well.  If you really want to kiss ass, give me a link that shows where you RT’d my Twitter account or shared my Facebook page with your followers.


Please see the Author Interviews page (click here).

Thanks and good luck!


  1. Terry Tyler says:

    You sound like a cool dude. I don’t write in your genre but know some people who will be interested; I’ll pass it on. 🙂


  2. dawnpeers says:

    My current horror stuff is with an Press already, but I do have some indie work coming out. I’ll keep this in mind, and share with my author friends. Thanks!


  3. J.D.Hughes says:

    Terry passed you on, but unfortunately my horror novels are substantially longer than 250 pages. However, I’m following your blog and look forward to your reviews. Good luck!


  4. Terry Tyler says:

    Will, I just wanted to say re Dawn Peers, above – I read her Great Bitten: Outbreak and thought it was fabulous. It was like reading watching 28 Days Later, but better. Oh, and she writes as Warren Fielding! Here’s the link:


  5. dawnpeers says:

    Thanks Terry, Will.

    Will – I hope you enjoy. The indie work is side stories in the Great Bitten world so hopefully it all loops in for you.

    I’ll keep sharing too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Love your review policy, I have submitted and I hope you enjoy… I have ways of finding you if not 😉


  7. My sci-fi/romance ebooks fulfill all your requirements except for length; each is about 300 pages. If that is really a deal-breaker, too bad, because I think you’d like them a lot. If you change your criteria or want to make an exception, my first book is permafree and I am currently running a discount promotion on Smashwords for Vol II which brings it to under $2.99. I read some of your other sci-fi reviews and that is the reason I think you’d like my books.

    Best to you,



  8. Stuart Kenyon (@StuartKenyon81) says:

    It sounds like you’re doing a great thing here. I’ve followed you on Twitter and liked/shared on Facebook. Although my book is a dystopian thriller, I won’t trouble you with a submission as it has four hundred pages. I wish you all the best anyway.


  9. Phoenix Rainez says:

    Unfortunately I don’t write in your required genre but will pass onto other indie authors.
    Happy holidays and take a break from reviewing to spend quality time with your family over the holiday period.


  10. Sci-fi, humor, thriller. Nope. Hm, horror. Well you might think it’s horrific but it’s definitely not in your desired genres. Found you via Twitter. Will check out your writings.


  11. Too bad my book is over 500 pages… You might like it though its a thriller… I published through create space I am new to this.


  12. N. Gosney says:

    I write supernatural horror (werewolf books). However…the book I would LOVE for you to review is 340 books. If you ever decide to take on a longer book, and want something with a bit of a bite, it would be great if you’d give me a shout 🙂


  13. N. Gosney says:

    No I don’t mean 340 books. Oh my actual God! I mean 340 pages! *goes to lie down* !!


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