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Michael Grist

I had the pleasure of interviewing Michael John Grist about his novel Mr. Ruins: A Thriller (click here).  We discussed everything form his new novel, how American accents score in the UK, and who would win in a battle between Kate and Pippa Middleton.  Fans of Sci Fi be sure to check out his new book that is now perma-free on Amazon (yes, free book!).  You can find links to his work and contact information at the bottom of the interview.  Here’s how it went: (more…)



Title: Diabolus

Author: Travis Hill

Length: Novel/ approx 200 pages

Genre: sci-fi, thriller, technothriller, religious thriller

Author website: click here

Amazon link to purchase: click here

Parental guidelines: Probably teen appropriate, maybe a little violence but nothing over the top graphic, Satan is scary as balls